Union Food Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1975 by Huang Yung Pun and Sunee Wangwanitkul. Currently, the company is one of the largest producers of sesame oil in all of Thailand, with both domestic and international distribution. Our main focus is the production and distribution of clean, pure, high quality sesame oil. By using a traditional recipe, along with modernized manufacturing processes, our products are able to retain their nutrients while meeting the numerous food & safety standards expected by overseas markets.

Currently, our main production base is in Nakornpathom, Thailand. The entire product range is sold under the “Double Dragon” brand, popularly known as “Double Dragon Chinese Sesame Oil” in the retail market. Our biggest clients are located in the United States from west coast to east coast with global exports exceeding 250 tons per year. For the domestic market, the company distributes sesame oil to various factories, department stores and food manufacturers as raw material.

We are dedicated to using Natural Manufacturing Processes, that are clean and safe in accordance with international GMP & HACCP standards.

In operation since 1975, Union Foods’ strives towards consistently developing and improving upon products such as sesame paste, chili sauce, fermented soybean paste (tau jiew), etc. Our management philosophy requires continual improvement to every aspect of our production cycle thus maximizing overall effectiveness and efficiency. In producing all our sesame based products, strict adherence to GMP and HACCP standards are carried out by our onsite experts with great attention paid to the quality of raw materials.

To further ensure consumer safety standards are met, every area of our manufacturing facility is required to pass our internal system checks to meet internationally accepted BRC, HACCP and GMP standards. In addition to maintaining industry standards, our company recognizes the importance of various religious considerations in food preparation. Therefore, all our food products are certified as Kosher, Halal designated and can even be incorporated into vegetarian dishes. Each year the Ministry of Public Health conducts annual inspections of our facilities and products, further ensuring Double Dragon Sesame Oil meets the high expectations of all our customers.